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Daily Photo Game

PO Box 5847
Santa Barbara, CA  93150

The Daily Photo Game

The Daily Photo Game is a visual conversation and as with all conversations — some are serious, some mysterious and others are humorous.

The Game is a group of 10 professional photographers challenging themselves to do what they do best: illustrate stories, capture emotions and reveal concepts through photography.  How it works — Every 10 days in repeating order, a given photographer’s “game day” will arrive.  On that day, the photographer will create and post an image, a visual response to the day’s submission.  One of the most underestimated challenges in playing the Game is the accelerated deadline – 24 hrs in which to conceptualize, source materials, shoot, enhance and deliver the image.  While we call this venture a Game, it is more than that.  Creating images has been a calling and a hard earned profession for all of the artists involved.  The project requires a year long commitment, for a total of 365 images per year, now embarking on year eight!  We all hope you enjoy the ride, maximize your desktop screen for the gnarliest experience.

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